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Introducing the latest innovation in patient identification - the Disposable Identification Bracelet by Jiangsu Keajic Medical Co., Ltd. This durable and secure bracelet is designed to provide healthcare facilities with a reliable solution for accurately identifying patients. The bracelet is made from high-quality, lightweight materials that are comfortable to wear, and its disposable design ensures that each patient receives a new, hygienic bracelet for their visit. The identification information is easily recorded and displayed on the bracelet, helping to prevent any mix-ups or confusion in a busy medical environment. With its customizable features and easy application, the Disposable Identification Bracelet is the ideal choice for hospitals, clinics, and emergency departments that prioritize patient safety and efficiency. Trust Jiangsu Keajic Medical Co., Ltd. to provide innovative medical solutions that enhance patient care and streamline healthcare processes. With the Disposable Identification Bracelet, you can ensure accurate and reliable patient identification with ease.
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  • I recently purchased a pack of Disposable Identification Bracelets for my event and I couldn't be happier with them. The quality of the material is excellent, and the adhesive closure ensures that they stay securely in place throughout the event. The pre-printed labels make it easy to write down important information such as names, allergies, and emergency contact information. The bright color options also make it easy to identify different groups or guests at a glance. Overall, these Disposable Identification Bracelets are a fantastic product and I highly recommend them for any event or organization in need of reliable and convenient identification solutions.
    Ms. Anna luo
  • I recently purchased a pack of Disposable Identification Bracelets and they have been a game changer for me. These bracelets are extremely convenient and practical for events, hospitals, and even childcare facilities. The waterproof and durable material ensures that the bracelets stay intact and can withstand various activities. The snap closure is secure and easy to use, providing peace of mind for the wearer. The vibrant colors and clear identification panel make it easy to distinguish between individuals and their information. Overall, these Disposable Identification Bracelets are a fantastic product that helps with security and organization at any event or facility. Highly recommend!
    Mr. joyear Gz
Introducing our innovative Disposable Identification Bracelet, the perfect solution for events, hospitals, and other temporary identification needs.

Our Disposable Identification Bracelet is designed for quick and easy use, providing a convenient and secure way to identify individuals in a variety of settings. Whether you are organizing a concert, a conference, or a sporting event, our bracelets are a simple and effective way to manage access and security.

Made from durable and tear-resistant materials, our bracelets are also comfortable to wear, ensuring that your guests or patients have a hassle-free experience. The tamper-proof design provides peace of mind, as the bracelets cannot be easily removed or transferred, making them an ideal option for managing large crowds or sensitive situations.

In addition, our Disposable Identification Bracelets can be customized with unique colors, designs, or logos, adding a personalized touch to your event or facility.

Once the event is over or the patient is discharged, our bracelets can be easily cut off and disposed of, eliminating the need for time-consuming check-ins or paperwork. This makes them a cost-effective and practical solution for temporary identification needs.

Trust our Disposable Identification Bracelets to simplify your identification management and provide a seamless experience for your guests or patients. Try them out today and see the difference for yourself!

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