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Introducing the innovative product of Fujian Keajic Medical Co., Ltd. – the Drilled Plaster. This product is specially designed for medical professionals and patients who require a plaster that is not only durable but also easy to apply and remove. With its unique drilled design, the Drilled Plaster allows for better breathability and comfort as well as faster healing time.

Unlike traditional plaster that can be bulky and uncomfortable, the Drilled Plaster is lightweight and flexible. The drilled holes allow for air to circulate around the affected area, minimizing the risk of infection and promoting faster healing. The plaster is also easy to apply and remove, reducing discomfort and potential damage to the skin.

Whether for post-surgical care or general wound management, the Drilled Plaster is a reliable and efficient solution for medical professionals and patients alike. Order your supply of Fujian Keajic Medical Co., Ltd.'s Drilled Plaster today and experience the difference in quality and comfort.

Plaster plaster board plaster plaster wall decoration ceiling plate

As a factory specializing in plaster, plaster board, plaster wall decoration, ceiling plate, we guarantee high-quality products that meet your needs. Contact us now.

Environmental plaster high efficiency plaster board production line plaster ceiling board

Welcome to our factory that produces high-quality environmental plaster boards! Our high efficiency production line is used to craft the plaster ceiling boards that are perfect for your building needs.

4*8/Moistureproof Plaster Board/Standard Plaster Board/Gypsum Board/Plaster Ceiling

Gypsum Board is our expertise! We're a trusted factory that specializes in producing top-notch Plaster Ceiling, Moistureproof Plaster Board, Standard Plaster Board, and more. Contact us today!

Medical Cloth Plaster Zinc Oxide Cotton Cloth Plaster Tape with Stronge Ahesive Plaster

Our Medical Cloth Plasters are made from zinc oxide cotton cloth with strong adhesive tape. As a trusted factory, we deliver high-quality and durable plasters for all your medical needs. Order now!

Capsicum Plaster Pain Relief Plaster Pepper Plaster

Capsicum Plaster Pain Relief Plaster Pepper Plaster - Our factory produces the highest quality pain relief plasters made with natural capsicum extract. Get relief from muscle pain and joint soreness today!

China Customized Corn Plaster Wound Plaster Foot Pain Relief Corn Plaster

Looking for reliable foot pain relief? Our China Customized Corn Plaster is perfect for you. Made from high-quality materials, it is safe, effective, and affordable. We are a trusted factory committed to providing the best products to our customers. Order now and experience fast relief from corns and wounds.

Customized Corn Plaster Wound Plaster Foot Care Corn Plaster

Looking for a reliable factory to cater to your foot care needs? Try our Customized Corn Plaster Wound Plaster Foot Care Corn Plaster. Made with quality materials, it's an excellent solution for corns.

Medical Hydrocolloid Wound Plaster Bordered, 36X62mm - China Hydrocolloid Plaster, Blister Plaster

Looking for a reliable hydrocolloid wound plaster that can withstand the toughest conditions? Our factory in China produces high-quality medical hydrocolloid wound plaster bordered, 36X62mm. Perfect for blister and wound care, order now!

Capicum chilli plaster plaster pain relief patch for arthritis

Get fast relief from arthritic pain with Capicum chilli plaster pain relief patches. We are a trusted factory producing top-quality patches for pain relief. Try us today!

Hot sale new product paste plaster gel fever cooling plaster

Looking for a reliable supplier of paste plaster gel fever cooling plaster? Our factory has you covered! Our hot sale new product provides long-lasting relief for fever and pain. Order now and experience the difference.

Ss cotton perforated capsicum plaster capsaicin hot patch rheumatic plaster pain relief patch

Looking for pain relief? Try our hot capsaicin patch made from cotton and perforated capsicum plaster. As a factory, we provide quality products that effectively relieve rheumatic pain in a matter of minutes. Get yours now!

Herbal hot capsicum plaster patch perforated chili plaster

Looking for a natural solution to muscle and joint pain? Try our Herbal Hot Capsicum Plaster Patch! Made from perforated chili plaster, our factory produces these effective pain relief patches.

Foot Skin Care Adhesive Hydrocollloid Plaster Plaster Relief Protective Adhesive Patch Stains Dressing China Supplier

Looking for reliable foot skin care products? Our hydrocolloid plaster provides relief and protection from stains and dressings. As a China supplier, we're a trusted factory with high-quality solutions for all your foot care needs.

Traditional Chinese herbs, chilli plaster, heat pain relief plaster

Looking for pain relief remedies? Our factory specializes in producing quality Traditional Chinese herbs, chilli plaster, and heat pain relief plaster. Trust us for effective and natural pain relief solutions.

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Introducing the ultimate solution for your wall installation needs - the Drilled Plaster.

This innovative product boasts a special construction that makes it ideal for plastered walls. With the Drilled Plaster, you can say goodbye to the frustration of broken or cracked walls after installation. Whether you're hanging a picture, mounting a shelf, or fixing a light fixture, the Drilled Plaster guarantees a secure and durable installation every time.

The secret to the Drilled Plaster's reliability lies in its design. The product is fortified with advanced materials that enable it to withstand the pressure of drilling and the weight of heavy objects. Additionally, the Drilled Plaster features a unique structure that prevents cracks from forming around the drilled holes.

Not only is the Drilled Plaster easy to install, but it also guarantees a seamless finish. Unlike traditional methods that require patching and painting after installation, the Drilled Plaster leaves a clean and neat appearance.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a superior solution for your wall installation needs, look no further than the Drilled Plaster. This product is the perfect combination of reliability, durability, and style, all in one easy-to-use package. Try it today and see the difference for yourself!

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Drilled Plaster works great on my walls! It's easy to use and perfect for any DIY project. Highly recommend!" #DIY #homeimprovement #DrilledPlaster

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